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Just a couple of weeks ago I was offering tips on how to search the website in lieu of a search engine. Having gone thru the process repeatedly and trying many different approaches and off the shelf solutions we decided to build something simple of our own and we did.

This is a compromise, search works on the server instead of using the fact that the site is statically generated. As a result it is far from ideal but it’s still pretty comprehensive and finds the right answers for most of the stuff we threw at it.

One of the features we added as an “afterthought” is probably the most important feature: the alternative search buttons…​

You are offered to try the search on Google, StackOveflow (Codename One tag) or our Google Group (Discussion Forum). This might sound mundane because you can just go to each of those resources and search but it’s crucial as many developers miss those resources…​

We considered adding github resources as well such as searching the sources or the issues but that might have created such an overwhelming amount of options that developers won’t check the other options.

Please try the new site search, let us know what you think and how we can improve this feature.

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