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Security Section

Security Section

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We’ve had a lot of security related posts in the past few months as we refined many edge cases with some customers. These posts are difficult to comb thru as they are all over the place and it’s hard to get a glance of “what’s available”.

So we added a new security section to the developer guide which adds some general information about Codename One security and includes most of the details about what you can do in terms of security.

If you have any ideas or notice anything missing don’t forget that you can edit every section of the developer guide in our wiki and this includes the security section which is available in the wiki here.

If this isn’t something you know how to fix please feel free to comment below or open an issue in the issue tracker.

What’s Next?

The big thing on my personal “wish list” for the next update of the developer guide is a cn1libs section that will cover some of the top Codename One libraries. This isn’t included yet but if you have a cn1lib that you’d like to feature in the developer guide you can just edit the wiki section for cn1libs and add your own.

I hope to have some of our big cn1libs out there as reference and when I do that I’ll post about it again so 3rd party library authors can align.

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