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Screenshots and Graphics Update

Screenshots and Graphics Update

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If you read the article about the

7 screenshots of iOS

you might have wondered whether you can just supply these screenshots yourself?

Well, now you can. Our build server will now generate the screenshots only if they don’t already exist in the jar so you will need to create the right png images in the exact resolutions mentioned below:

Default.png – 320×480

[email protected] – 640×960

[email protected] – 630×1136

Default-Portrait.png – 768×1024

Default-Landscape.png – 1024×768

[email protected] – 1536×2048

[email protected] – 2048×1536

Notice that the names are case sensitive and the resolutions must match the numbers above.

We’ve been working for a while on a new Graphics pipeline and Shapes API which should include some pretty nifty features, the main code is mostly done for iOS. This includes a new Shape API that will allow you to define any arbitrary shape and stroke/fill it using common graphics idioms. This will be fully hardware accelerated which will allow us to offer rather elaborate effects such as good looking/fast charts.

The API will also expose a proper Affine Transform and potentially a perspective transform allowing for high performance rotation effects and 3D effects. This is all slated for 2.1 which we hope to release before Java One.

We will have a booth at this years Java One hopefully some of the sessions we submitted will also go thru.

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