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Questions of the Week XXVII

Questions of the Week XXVII

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This has been a REALLY busy week. We had to release an emergency plugin update during the week to
workaround a critical issue in the previous plugin update. This was pretty hard!
To make things extra difficult we had two huge blog posts that I’ve worked on launching, the code itself wasn’t
such a big deal as is all the hassle around them e.g. appstore submissions are never fun especially when traveling…​

After all these releases we still chose to release an update today
It doesn’t have any ground breaking changes but does include the refinements I
discussed yesterday in the blog.

On stack overflow things were as usual:

Soft back button not working

This should work regardless of where you call setBackCommand

Dropbox plugin?

We have a pretty old dropbox plugin which
should work but uses the old OAuth solution. Ideally this should be updated to the OAuth2 approach to allow
upload etc. I know some developers did that but sadly they didn’t contribute their work back…​

Building from xcode source, missing “pods” library

This is a bit confusing, you need to open the xworkspace file in the new pods build

Codenameone theming sidemenu

We just showed how deeply you can customize the sidemenu in the
latest template demo

Codenameone app version issue

When you use a build hint like android.versionCode you need to pay close
attention. It’s best to avoid that specific hint…​

Pubnub-CodeNameOne library – missing methods (Access Manager)

Craig from pubnub gave a great reference for that

Send log file

The device acts differently when using send email

Unable to build codename one app after adding admobfullscreen lib

We need to update the old extensions to include the build hints inside them

Listen to side menu / hamburger menu clicked event

We need to implement this functionality in the sidemenu itself but until we do you can just add your own button
as a side menu button and hide the default side menu button

Navigation between forms fires infiniteContainer refresh

It’s hard to give an answer when I have so little information to work with, I can’t stress this enough: use images
to illustrate your point…​

How to enable Facebook authentication for Codename One on Android

SHA1 works fine on all devices guaranteed

ComboBox in codename one

I don’t like ComboBox as it derives from List which is problematic and adds problems of it’s own…​

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