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Questions of the Week XXV

Questions of the Week XXV

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We released an update a day early to deal with some regressions we had related to minor method signature changes
triggered by an overhaul of pre-released versions. Other than that this week has been a bit uneventful in terms of
our work.

On stack overflow things were pretty standard:

How do I import an existing android studio project to eclipse so that it is native and becomes a codename application?

We currently support NetBeans here but this is a bit problematic regardless

How to read textfile line by line into textarea in codename one

There are other ways to do this but this is the shortest/simplest

Data Storage Solutions

We recommend looking thru the developer guide to get started with those things

Filter optimization on set of containers

invokeAndBlock is a tool that is still very cryptic to developers

When I open the Eclipse application I get this exit code error issue. How do I resolve this?

Eclipse is a bit painful with the various versions of Windows

Network check works in android but same doesn’t work in iOS

Some low level features just don’t exist in iOS

NullPointerException called on the current variable in codename one

There are several issues with the code but the null pointer is the least of them

Two AutoCompleteTextField in same form

Filter for an autocomplete should be “smart” and cache data as much as possible

Retrieve IMSI by using CodenameOne, Cordova and AngularJS

iOS etc. don’t provide access to low level details such as IMSI

keyboard issue in iOS – codenameone

It’s hard to get the VKB to act “just right” so we need accurate test cases where we can reproduce all the odd edge cases

Flip transition of the form is not smooth in iOS

The transitions that require a screenshot would be slightly slower on iOS as the pipeline for offscreen buffers is much slower

How to attach a command to longpress on a command in the Toolbar?

We don’t have that builtin but since you can do anything you want in the Toolbar it is possible

Cannot find type System.ApplicationException in module CommonLanguageRuntimeLibrary

This isn’t really a Codename One question but rather usage of the code we released for the UWP port

TableLayout heightPercentage: percentage of what?

That’s a good question, we simplified layout by blocking recursion so the percentage is based on guesses of eventual

Rebuild list of containers without scrolling the list

This is a bit problematic due to code that tries to “do the right thing”

How to detect a ‘pinch out’ in a list of containers?

This isn’t builtin but can probably be done using some low level API’s

Setup Google Analytics with Codename One

Google analytics has some configuration complexities

InfiniteContainer Scrolling

This might also be a regression related to new peer. It’s very hard to see in newer devices but you see it for a split
second in very old phones

Media has stopped working the way it should

This might be a regression related to the migration to the Android new peer mode

IOS Build fails with annotations

We don’t support runtime annotations due to problematic use cases involved. We need to work on improving the
failure related to that or implementing it

Scrolling issue with keyboard

There are some odd edge cases with the virtual keyboards in the various OS’s. Normally native widget libraries
recommend various hacks but we try to make it seamless

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