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Questions of the Week XXIX

Questions of the Week XXIX

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This was a busy week with a lot of work going on under the hood especially on the new GUI builder.
We are also working on a pretty cool new demo that we’ll ideally launch next week. Our release today
only includes the libraries making it smaller, we would probably release a plugin update next Friday as there
are many changes that warrant an update.

On stack overflow things were as usual:

Push notifications not registering on ios 10

We have users with iOS 10 devices so this is probably not the case

Modal Dialog does not appear

EDT violations are typically the reason for this

How to create Facebook-like notification badges in CodenameOne

This is a frequent enough question it warrants a sample

Launching touch events programatically

These sort of things are really easy in Codename One thanks to the lightweight nature of the framework

Center a label in the south container of a border layout in Codename One

The need for revalidate() on changes is often confusing to developers but it is pivotal to Codename One

Unable to use jar

When using a native jar code completion won’t work but it should be there…​

How to integrate Other Ads network on codename one app

The best place to start is to look at sample cn1libs that we already integrated

Which app store?

We don’t provide an API to return the source appstore URL at this time, it’s not quite portable as far as I can tell

URLImage fetch method not working

We clarified the JavaDocs for the fetch method to make it clear that this isn’t the way it would behave

Trouble reading from Storage

There are posts where you are given a lot of information and are missing just the one tiny bit that would help you

How to insert data in codename one db using prepared statement?

That’s an interesting behavior of the sqlite implementation

After latest update the java file from the gui do strange things

We had a regression in the GUI builder that shipped with the 3.5.5 plugin which is why we had to push an update
shortly after

GoogleAds Does’t show up

This frustrating issue is caused by the https restrictions of iOS

Storage throwing EOF & NullPointer Exception

There are specific API’s that are substituted by the externalization code

Codename one expect feature on DateTime Component

The picker is problematic as it is a native widget, we can’t offer anything that isn’t offered by the native OS

How to add text to the textfield inside dataChangedListener in codename one?

I am using TextField and on addDataChangedListener I am trying to add some character to the text field if length of the text field is 2 but it is not working for me.can you please help me how to …​

Workaround for applying a mask to an image in Codename One

There are some complex image modes in Codename One but most of them are convertable to standard raster images

How do I restore a deleted multi-image

We generally recommend keeping the res directory in source control so this dosen’t become an issue

FloatingActionButton Sub can’t call another form in Codename One

This should have been serialized with the dialog disposal code, it should be fixed now

How to get app version (Play / iTunes) stores using Codename one

We don’t know the itunes version but we can give you the Codename One version of the app.

How to resolve null when using webservices in codename one

This is a bit of a long thread, kudos to Diamond for taking the time on this

Back navigation does not stop youtube video in WebBrowser

This is turning into a FAQ, the destroy() method closes the browser completely

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