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Questions of the Week XXIV

Questions of the Week XXIV

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We’ve had a very challenging week with a lot of backend work for some enterprise customers so we didn’t get as
much done as we do most weeks. I can say that I’ve seen some of the apps in the pipeline and I’m very excited
about the things to come…​

Todays update includes many bug fixes on Android, UWP but not much in terms of new features.

On stack overflow things were pretty standard:

CodenameOne set indexing of fields for virtual keyboard

The order of the fields is determined by the focus and that can be manipulated using setNextFocusDown

Login form is shown for a couple of second in iOS

The iOS section in the developer guide explains the iOS splash screen system in-depth

How to show side menu icon in particular forms only

Just don’t add commands into that form that go into the side menu. That’s pretty easy to do with the Toolbar class

Codenameone Detect keyboard showing

Detecting a keyboard isn’t good practice since the behavior differs a lot between iOS/Android etc.

Hiding element while preserving its space in page layout

setVisible hides elements like the title mentioned but in his case he was asking about setEnabled

Codename One class file for PrintWriter not found

The webservice wizard is a bit confusing, it’s important to generate the server code to a server project

Is it possible to arrange commands properly on a GUI Element in iOS?

If you aren’t using Toolbar yet we recommend switching to it for better control

theme.res not found on Codenameone IntellijIDEA IDE

This was caused because he picked the Android SDK instead of the JDK when creating the project

Codenameone Plugin not Loaded in Android Studio

We don’t support Android Studio, Google broke a lot of things in IntelliJ to make it work for Android

Auto start, cross platform, background mobile web service with codename one or cordova

There are limitations of mobile native OS’s at play and you hit them sooner than you hit the limitations of Codename One

How to avoid that swiping a SwipeableContainer also creates an event in the top container?

This includes some “black magic” to get this working…​

Can I use an SVG image as an button icon?

We don’t really support SVG, ideally we’ll improve that but native platforms don’t support it either…​

We rely heavily on the fact that Container is transparent and has 0 padding/margin

Change CodenameOne InfiniteContainer PullToRefresh Behaviour

You can override the refresh method in that class

Date Time Picker on double tap display typing Feature

We recommend using separate date picker & time picker. You should avoid the Date & Time picker as that is a
feature that is iOS specific.

GUI builder does not show up

Eclipse has slightly slower update cycles than NetBeans/IntelliJ at this time. Normally that isn’t a problem but
with a fast evolving tool like the GUI builder it might be a bit of a hindrance.

Apps Error no virtual method

This was a result of using a pre-release version of the API as we made minor adjustments to the method signatures

Ticker mode

You can enable tickering for any component that derives label which includes buttons etc.

Size of URLImage as a Label icon

URLImage resizes and caches the data based on placeholder size and settings

connection and Toastbar not displaying issue

ToastBar is bound to a form so if you are on a different form this might be a problem

downloadUrlToStorageInBackground in ImageList model for imageViewer downloads & overrides the image every time

The download method always downloads and doesn’t check if the file is already there…​

Trouble changing background color of TextField in Codename One

The requirement to define the border as empty breeds a lot of confusion

Managing Demo / Full version of my app in Codename One

This is a common case that I was pretty sure we had documented somewhere, it should probably be in the developer
guide somewhere

UWP SQLite CodenameOne with native interface

This was actually a pretty interesting question as it made me think on the potential approaches for a relatively complex
missing feature

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