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Questions of the Week XXIII

Questions of the Week XXIII

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This has been a busy week with new features and some interesting announcements. We are releasing a plugin
update today with a lot of fixes especially to the GUI builder which should be far more stable.

NetBeans announced they will be moving to Apache and we volunteered to help.
We’ll post some thoughts about this next week.

Java One is coming back, again we chose not to go. I wanted to write a bit about it but didn’t find the time to
put down my thoughts. Overall I love Java One, it’s loads of fun…​
But flying there from another continent is probably not the best use of our time/budget.

On stackoverflow things were as usual:

UWP SQLite CodenameOne with native interface

We do need to support a more consistent cross platform database. SQLite is pretty inconsistent between platforms

How do I access UI components in a .res file with Codename One?

This is so much easier in the new GUI builder, hopefully this weeks update will tip the scales for most developers

List adding functionality

Lists are always a pain which is why we recommend avoiding them

How to compress project size in codenameone

This should actually be on by default for most scripts

Wrong paths in Codename One preferences

Unfortunately we were unable to reproduce the exact issue, hopefully it was resolved. If not we could use a
good way to reproduce it consistently

UWP deployment failed with CodenameOne

We had some UWP deployment issues that should be fixed in todays update

iOS certification generation with Codename One

The certificate generation process is by definition “flaky” as we rely on undocumented behavior. That’s why we
hide it behind a webservice so we can patch it without asking everyone to update their install

How to make enable https in codenameone

I’m really grateful when people answer these questions, it’s always hard to answer the obvious questions

Issues with Mirah

I haven’t played with the Mirah integration that Steve built a while back, if you like languages like Ruby this
might be interesting to you

Add Checkbox to CodenameOne TableModel in Table component

MVC is always challenging even when it’s a simplified version like the one in Table

Clickable Component

We should probably block users from setting a lead component to another lead component

Is Self Signed Certificate work for IOS?

When first reading this I thought it was about signing but it seems to be a question about https server setup

Layered Layout not fill the screen

This question is probably not as important with the new support for the floating button

How to use Google Speech API from Codename One?

There are some hidden features in Codename One such as the ability to record audio without user interaction to
a specific format type. This was one of those features that we added for an enterprise developer a while back
and never really promoted

How to use drawImage instead of scaled for performance

Some of the performance tips are specific for usage

Post request don’t send argument

These issues are much easier to debug when you look at the output on the server and describe the request that
worked for you as a dump. Otherwise we are just guessing…​

How do I use the codename one migration tool on my Android Studio project?

People asked us a lot about building a tool like this, when we finally put the effort in and built it we expected
more interest around it. This demonstrates perfectly why you can’t take feature requests from non-users seriously…​

Error on Build: “error: cannot find symbol method compare(int, int)”

This is one of those “Codename One doesn’t support Java feature X” which prompted us to write

Calling custom JavaScript function

The javascript package
contains pretty extensive documentation on this

MediaPlayer doesn’t release video on form change

We should make media playback more intuitive than it is right now

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