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Questions of the Week XX

Questions of the Week XX

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We will make another attempt to migrate to the new xcode 7.x build servers this Sunday. This might introduce some disruptions to your iOS builds but those should be fixable.

One of the stackoverflow discussions below sparked an interesting group discussion about improving the UI design of a Codename One app. If you feel your app could use a design/UX improvement feel free to post it to the forum. We are no substitute to a proper UX/UI designer but having worked on a lot of apps we might be able to help a bit with some feedback/ideas.

Our updated release from this week contains some bug fixes but nothing groundbreaking.

Onwards to the questions on stackoverflow:

Rounded URLImage not displaying

It would be great if we could find a way to workaround this so it would throw an exception.

Get current Date without time on CN1

Date/time is painful. I wish we did have JSR310, ideally we’ll port it to Codename One at some point.

Virtual keyboard not getting displayed in android device

You can’t really customize virtual keyboards on native devices unless you replace them completely which isn’t very portable…​

Handle clicks on Image in ImageViewer (Codenameone)

We don’t provide an action listener on the ImageViewer because it is not a button…​

Validator not highlighting required fields

Validator appends Invalid to the end of the UIID’s. Make sure to define the *Invalid UIID in the theme.

Facebook login not being fired on Android

This was a regression related to the intent issue mentioned below

Background fetch not firing on ios

Features related to background execution are sensitive so it’s important to verify that everything in the iOS stop() method is correct…​

Are there “helpers” in Codename One to write Material Design apps as in Android

There are several classes that provide material design look in Codename One but the most important thing to do is understand the goals

Are there “helpers” in Codename One to write Material Design apps as in Android

Apple Developer and AppStore Cert Not generated in codename one

There was a certificate generation regression this week due to changes made on Apples website. We later resolved those and this should be working again…​

Scrollbars recently appeared

I’m not sure why this workaround might be necessary

Remove sidemenubar from screen(form)

SideMenuBar.closeCurrentMenu() is sometimes unintuitive…​

Limit size of an image (up to 1 MB) while uploading

You can’t do that. The only thing you can do is save, check size rinse repeat…​

How to post JSON to a REST webservice in codenameone

The postRequest() method name is confusing…​

Will Codename one application work with Appium?

Probably not. But we’d like to.
If you are an enterprise developer who would like to see this feature please contact us…​

How to integrate ZXing source lib into my project so i not need to install ZXING App

This was asked quite a few times and eventually Nick from littlemonkey got fed up with it and built his own cn1lib…​

Does Codename one support Split Pane UI component?

Not but it should be reasonably easy to build

Setting values to each comboBox item

This question demonstrates exactly why we are moving away from List. Understanding that a model represents the logical value is pretty hard for developers…​

How to get unique identification number of iphone

iOS is generally resistant to such information, we have the UDID but since apps may depend on it we can’t provide better options today.

IntentResultListener not being called

We had some issues with monitoring intents on Android that should be resolved now. This also impacted QR scanning and other issues

Qrcode (zxing) scan successful but not returning to main form

QR scanning had some issues on Android due to intent changes

CodeScanner not working

This is the same question as the last one…​

Barcode scanning broken

Because we shifted from regular scanning to the cn1lib etc. things might have broken in between. They work well in the latest version

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