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Questions of the Week XVIII

Questions of the Week XVIII

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This has been a very busy week with huge changes and new features to the code base. Because of that we will
shift the Friday release this week to Sunday so we’ll be able to revert the deployment if build issues occur without
affecting too many people.

Besides the big changes and new plugin versions we’re also including a major overhaul of the Android background
processes that should improve the behavior of Codename One apps for background tasks. Notice that this is a pretty
huge change that might include regressions so be sure to report them as soon as possible.

Onwards to the questions on stackoverflow:

Using gui builder and css

This is really a question about layering themes from two different sources

NativeInterface – ClassNotFoundException on NativeLookup

Native interfaces are sometimes missing the JavaSE impl directory in some cases. This shouldn’t pose a problem though.

Scheduling local notification for a specific date and repeat yearly

We don’t support more complex/long term repeat scheduling because of the complexity with scheduling such
repeat activities in a portable way.

Codename One Pubnub alternatives CN1lib

I really like PubNub and don’t really see the need for an alternative. One of the nice things about PubNub is that
the client libraries are open source.

Get all file names in src folder, codenameone project

“Files” in the source directory aren’t really “files” in the typical sense. Sometimes they can be a part of an APK
which isn’t exactly like a jar. Other times they can be a part of an app bundle which is a bit more complex with some
odd restrictions…​

Query regarding to suspended mode

Suspend/resume behavior is pretty tricky on mobile devices. We tried to simplify it as much as reasonably possible.

Write/Read the image from fileSystemStorage and readjust it before saving

Manipulating and resizing images is generally pretty simple but there are edge cases that are pretty hard to deal with.

Google Maps – some markers not appearing

Turns out the longitude and latitude values were reversed.

Where exactly are dialog text, OK button, and Cancel buttons defined or inherited from in CodenameOne?

When asking a question it’s best to state what you are trying to do. Sometimes the answer is that you are asking
the wrong question…​

Resize the image before uploading images from openGallery method

ImageIO allows you to resize an image to arbitrary sizes on the filesystem using low level system API’s without
physically opening an image file.

How to check internet connection and suspended mode

Internet connectivity is tricky since we might be connected to a router but it might not have further connectivity…​

Alert Dialog message

You can customize any component within Codename One’s UI

How to make a Line graph in cn1

The charts API in Codename One is pretty darn complex and the demo doesn’t do enough to simplify that, ideally
we’ll make simpler chart demos that would be easier to work with. I’d also like a simpler API that would only
encapsulate the more common use cases.

We want to show the exact seconds of system on each seconds

This question should probably have been tagged Java more than Codename One.

Display date-time details on an image in codenameone

Mutable images provide a lot of flexibility to Codename One UI’s

Background fetch in IOS not working

On iOS you’ll have less control over background fetch than you do on Android

How to release CODENAMEONE form including all it’s components while navigating one page to other?

You don’t release forms. Once they have no more references they get GC’d however even one component in RAM
can lead back to the parent form so you need to track the references you keep.

How can I programmatically ‘set’ all parameters of a Dialog, such as ‘dialog title’, ‘ok text’, etc., without having string literals as parameters?

Most people use the static Dialog methods without realizing you can create an instance of the Dialog class &
populate it with arbitrary data.

How to change the style of a button on release outside of button boundaries

The title is misleading, the real issue relates to the different style objects for component states.

How to handle a button pressed when it’s in a list cell

The short answer is “don’t”. Use a Container as we explain in the List JavaDocs…​d

CodeName One – Image gets pixelated when scaling

Getting smooth images that adapt to the various devices is always challenging. Ideally you want to scale as little
as possible on the device and as few times as possible.

Validator for ComboBox and phone number

You can add an arbitrary constraint to anything in the Codename One validation framework

My CodeNameOne-App stoped to work in HTTPS

Server certificates for https are always a pain, usually it’s a one time thing though.

LocalNotifications Issues in Android tablets and iPad devices

On iOS local notifications only get delivered when the app is in the background…​

Non-persistence of class variables in StateMachine in CodenameOne

Yet another example demonstrating why we are eager to move to the new GUI builder initVars() is a problematic
hack that confuses many…​

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