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Questions of the Week XVI

Questions of the Week XVI

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We are deep within the 3.5 code freeze and this adds up to a remarkably busy week, we’ve got an even
busier week with the release itself. Because of the code freeze there is no need for a Friday release today
so we are skipping it this week.

So lets get right down to the questions from stackoverflow…​

CodenameOne ImageViewer blocks scroll

Scrolling and ImageViewer don’t mix as the scrolling might collide with the panning/swiping.

How to automatically reload a screen(form) after a given period of inactivity

Chen recommended using the UITimer, there are quite a few other approaches but this is probably the simplest…​

Send HTTP query with verb different from GET / POST

We should possibly make these more intuitive for common REST commands…​

How to detect device back button event

setBackCommand is a really complex API that behaves differently in many situations…​.

how to insert break line for long text on button in codenameone using gui builder

You can use the SpanButton class.

===How to use Sensors in Codename one question is in relation to side swipe not so much sensors…​

How do I scroll down a scrollable container

We have MANY scroll related methods and it can be a bit confusing sometimes.

Why does the android button have a different appearance than the IOS button

Steve explains the CSS answer, in general it’s because the button has a “Border” which takes precedence over color…​

Can’t Get Android Native Access

Mistyping a build hint name is often painful to detect…​.

Keystore not generating

Generating keys/certificates for Android should be really simple so I don’t quite get that issue.

How to center input text in textfields?

Centered text fields are nice for some UI designs but in terms of native editing…​

App update Notifications in Codename One

Generally push is the best approach to provide update notifications but notifications and toast can also work well…​

Dynamic AutoComplete

Luckily our demo shows exactly how this functionality is supposed to work…​

Hello world application build fail (CodenameOne in Eclipse Juno)

Apparently Eclipse Juno has issues with Java 8 support, not being an Eclipse guy I might have gotten this wrong…​

Is hint like feature available in pickers?

No, however there are other ways to work/indicate with pickers

parse4cn1 callback usage example

It’s good to see developers still picking parse4cn1 in the “post parse” era…​

Date comparison fails d1.compareTo(d2)

compareTo isn’t available in Date in this particular case the substitution is relatively simple though…​

CodenameOne MapContainer Zoom Level

Maybe we should deprecate MapComponent as so many developers get it wrong…​

Data not block size aligned in codenameone BouncyCastle (No Padding)

Don’t use String for binary data, this is a source of huge/painful bugs. It works on Java SE but then you run into
really complex edge cases on the devices…​

How to make circle shape buttons in codenameone with GUI builder

We really need to make it clear to developers that 9-piece borders can’t be used with circles…​ Maybe an AI of sort…​

Notification service Codename One

This isn’t so much about notification as much as about the location API but it’s really unclear from the question…​

“Bluetooth failes to initialize” when automating Bluetooth steps

One of the drawbacks of picking up the pre-existing BluetoothLE support is that we get this support “as is” and
only enhanced it slightly.

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