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Questions of the Week XV

Documentation, KeepAlive, Native, FileSystem, JSON, PUT, Photos, Orientation and more
Questions of the Week XV

Questions of the Week XV

We are on the final stretch of 3.5 getting ready for the codefreeze that will go into effect in the middle of next week. With that in mind we have last minute features we are trying to get out of the door and unfortunately had to skip some big tasks. One of the big problems is the iOS server migration which we couldn’t fit into the schedule. The peer component changes made it to Android but aren’t set as the default, this makes the most sense in the current state. We’ll probably flip the switch to the new peer components after the release.

There are other issues that didn’t make it but we are still rather please with this release and we think it follows the trends we set before of refinement, stability & ease of use. We’ll write more about those as when we make the final announcement.

In other news Stackoverflow introduced a new documentation feature which looks interesting…​

We already setup a Codename One section although it’s hard to tell how this will play with our existing docs. I’ve tried it a bit and I think it still needs a bit of work although I love some of the interface interface elements. If we get community involvement there we might migrate our documentation effort.

How to make use of keep-alive in ConnectionRequest in Codename One?

We have an undocumented way to do keep alive, but we have some better options. My favorite is the websockets which seem to be the direction where everyone is heading.

How do I maintain my app’s background while a website is being displayed?

Peer components are challenging, but our latest set of improvements probably won’t make much of a difference in this question. It’s hard to tell though since no code or screenshot was provided.

Integrating Android Code in Codenamone

Native code support is pretty easy but sometimes you need more control over Android native code e.g. thru resource files, c files etc.

Network request timeout or network lost or slow network not getting handle properly in codenameone

Currently Codename One has a connection timeout but not a read timeout value which is a bit more "challenging" across platforms. This is something we should probably address.

Scrollvisible is not working in barebone code

Scrollability is a really difficult concept especially in Codename One where touch scrolling is pretty challenging as it doesn’t allow nesting etc.

CodenameOne IOS app crashing due to null threadsToDelete

This looks like a very interesting crash but those things are really hard to debug/track without a reasonable test case.

How to access the source directory in codename one

Two of the biggest complexities in Codename One are the missing and We might need to just add these API’s as stub calls to the "real" implementations.

form.addOrientationListener(new ActionListener() not being called on keyboard open

Here is an example of a change in the API behavior that effectively fixed a bug serving as the basis of a different bug.

Build iOS failed after changing back to the old xCode build servers

This is actually because of the Google+ support changes even on iOS Google’s incompatible changes are a pain.

How to install skins in NetBeans codename one plugin

This should work out of the box, if any of you guys are running into issues here we’d appreciate some help in tracking those issues.

Using Native Android Bluetooth Support for Codename

Our newly announced bluetooth support is really bluetoothle which most of the industry is focusing around. However, there is still usage of the older bluetooth standard in quite a lot of devices.

What is the format of an AARRGGBB array?

Some things are pretty obvious to us as guys who have done mobile Java UI’s for over a dozen years, but they are not always clear and it’s often hard for us to see the complexities.

How to make JSON PUT request through Codename one API

Posting a custom body isn’t hard but we’d like to make it easier as we move forward, this will allow us to create terse webservice usage.

IOS Debug Build without Developer Account

This was something we supported in the early days of Codename One, but it created a lot of problems so we decided to discontinue this functionality.

Is it possible with Codename One to take a temporary photo?

We try to make photos consistent between platforms but they are pretty different. Ideally we’d like to provide better camera controls but those API’s are very low level and thus fragmented.

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Posted by Shai Almog

Shai is the co-founder of Codename One. He's been a professional programmer for over 25 years. During that time he has worked with dozens of companies including Sun Microsystems.
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