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Questions of the Week XI

Questions of the Week XI

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We just released an updated set of plugins with many bug fixes and enhancement mostly revolving around
the new settings UI but also a lot of the functionality required for proper Windows UWP support…​

This has been a very busy week for us although most of the stuff we did was “under the hood” and not as
visible as some of the previous weeks. We are also fast approaching the 3.5 release due this August
so hopefully we can get our ducks in a row to create another compelling release.

Stackoverflow was quieter this week when compared to the previous one:

Background image scaled and in center of container

If you use the scaled() method on an Image it creates a new copy, when that Image is a URLImage you will
lose it’s ability to fetch the image data dynamically.

Using “Login with LinkedIn” to log into chat application

I’d love to have additional standard connectors for Codename One to all the common social networks. It might
be worth doing these as cn1libs so they can be maintained by the community.

Parse Date, CET vs CEST, invalid TimeZone, unparseable

Time/Date APIs are probably the most frustrating, annoying and painful aspects of Java SE. I’ve yet to try a mobile
implementation that handles them correctly. We codified many of the use cases into L10NManager but should
probably do more there…​

How to access Codename one Preferences from Android Native code?

You can just invoke Codename One API’s directly from Android native code without much of a problem. This
becomes a bit more challenging on iOS though…​

FileSystemStorage.delete() doesn’t delete captured files on ALL android devices?

Application isolation is one of the hard concepts to grasp in mobile programming, we just can’t reach/delete
files in some places.

How to accurately get the width of a drawn String (in pixel) with Codename One

This thread demonstrates the need for using handcoded complete compilable samples to reproduce test cases

Is there a Tool Tip for CodenameOne?

Not quite since it isn’t useful on touch UI’s but there are some things from the glass pane to InteractionDialog.

Adding Skins from Git Clone

We had some issues with the add skins menu and CDN so developers were looking for a workaround thru git.

How to write an “indefinitly expanding list” in CodenameOne?

That’s really a Tree component.

Codename One Send Build Error

I’m still not sure I understand why this issue happened to that developer but it got resolved so it might be
helpful to some…​

Accessing .properties property

It’s actually an interesting idea to provide some constants to a running app and maybe pre-populate the preferences

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