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Questions of the Week VII

Questions of the Week VII

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Woke up this morning to the amazing news of Google winning against Oracle on the issue of fair use!
This is great news for everyone as it effectively makes “clean room implementation” legal. This solidifies
Java’s status as “open” showing that even its owner has limitations on their power.

I might write more about this next week if I have some time, I just hope the verdict doesn’t get turned in an appeal.

It’s been an eventful week, we are nearing the initial release of our new Windows UWP port and have put out some pretty
cool demos. We have some new and exciting demos waiting for next week and have been as usual pretty busy
on community support in stack overflow.

How to make images in local Storage visible in WebComponent

Injecting data into the web browser in a portable way is pretty hard no matter which platform you are on. In this
question we give one of the most portable approaches to passing an image between Java and the web view.

Get the current visible image index from a DefaultListModel included in an ImageViewer

Using the selection listener of the model is a swing like way of thinking that might be counter intuitive even though
it’s pretty darn elegant. It’s great seeing a developer finding out and answering his own questions…​

How to show two or more label at centre of the Container

This question has quite a few potential correct answers…​.

Null pointer exception while calling web service in codenameone

ImageAdapter is a required argument to the URLImage class.

How do I simulate w3c Dom API in Codenameone

We took a pretty different direction when implementing DOM in Codename One mostly due to the size constraints
imposed in the LWUIT days. This is sometimes confusing:

Fade animation not working properly when used with other animation

Mixing and serializing animations can sometimes be tricky when one animation relies on another to complete,
these things are designed to work with each other thanks to the new animation framework.

Title bar text doesn’t show

Please upvote this question.

It’s a perfectly decent question that got downvoted for no reason, it’s still unclear to me why Anas was
running into this issue though. It seems that some uses cases of the old GUI builder and the Toolbar API collide badly
but I can’t see which use cases.

Center the Component in BorderLayout

Using layout animations with nested hierarchies is often hard and error prone. It produces results that might be
undesirable in some cases due to the clipping in nested layouts.

Landscape search textfield and keyboard issue

This behavior has been around for quite a while in Codename One and I guess people didn’t complain much
because they were used to it by now. This shows how important it is to ask because within a week of asking
the issue was already fixed…​

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