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Questions Of The Week III

Questions Of The Week III

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We’re releasing new plugins today in for the 3.4 release, if there are major regressions we’ll push out new
versions for the release itself but if they are stable they will be the actual release versions. We had a great
week on stackoverflow as well with many excellent questions. As usual this post isn’t exhaustive and doesn’t cover
all the questions asked, but it should provide a sense of the top discussions of the week.

Turning off android.permission.INTERNET in CodenameOne

Codename One includes two default permissions on Android, Internet and storage. We turned them on by default
since detecting an actual need for one of those permissions is really hard.

Is there a companion to the Form.onShow() method I can use when a Form is hidden?

This is often confusing to new Codename One developers. Unlike desktop developers don’t explicitly dispose a
window and so the lifecycle isn’t clear. Since the old GUI builder handles things differently from regular applications
this gets even more confusing…​

Rotate image in CodeNameOne?

Using a gesture to rotate an image in the ImageViewer is something we don’t support at the moment but this
is easily doable by deriving the component. This demonstrates the power and customizability of Codename One.

Can’t get setScrollVisible() to work

Scroll behavior is a painful subject we should simplify, one of the confusing parts is the scrollability of a Form
which is really the scrollability of the content pane.

animateLayout on expanding component is not working

Layout animations conflict with revalidate() calls, it’s important to use one or the other and not both.

How to get a circular layout in codenameone

I recall that someone posted a circular layout a while back, if you have it please add a better answer.

different colors on ComboBox

ComboBox UIID’s are some of the more confusing style elements we have.

Getting Codenameone to respect the proxy settings on a windows desktop build

This is a great idea I wasn’t aware of this setting in Java. We should use it for all of our tools including the build
client tools to simplify proxy issues.

Codename one Facebook login email = null

Facebook login works in a very inconsistent way, e.g. sometimes you will get an email login and sometimes you won’t.

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