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Questions Of The Week II

Questions Of The Week II

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This week felt slow as we were going thru it but as I was preparing this installment I was reminded just how much
activity we had in stackoverflow this week.

Codenameone : Alternative to webBrowsers

This question was triggered by the desire for dynamic rich UI elements coupled with concern about
an issue with the web browser component. It turns out that we just fixed that specific issue as we are
moving into the final stretch before 3.4.

However, I did mention an interesting project which didn’t get much attention there,
Steves xml view. You might want to check that out.

Alternative Methods in CodenameOne

This is a pretty common question: “Method X is missing what should I do”, in this case the methods that
were missing included Scanner (to which we have no direct parallel), File, Math.pow & String.format.

Search TextField in TableLayout

We have several samples of searching within a Container hierarchy but most of them rely on the behavior of
the BoxLayout what if we used the TableLayout and instead of narrowing only to a specific component we want
to leave the entire row in place.

With a Table we can just modify the model dynamically but a TableLayout needs some creative code:

IOS intercepting URLs issue

Intercepting URL callbacks is challenging and always painful regardless of the road you take. We tried
to simplify it as much as possible but the Android/iOS ways differ too much.

How to Create Background Service Through AlarmManager with Codename One Native Interface?

This question is a great example on why you don’t always need to reach out to the native interface wrench. You
should usually check if there are other options and we do have such options today.

This shows the importance of asking as things also change a lot. Had he asked it 6 months ago the answer would
have been completely different…​

How to fix CodenameOne build upload error?

This is a remarkably common forum question, I gave the generic answer which seemed to be incorrect in this
particular case!

Turns out that this was one of those cases where caches in our servers got corrupted, so a note to developers
who run into this, there is a chat button on the bottom right side of all pages. Try to contact us and one of our
support engineers can help with issues like that. They don’t usually answer technical questions as these
are interns who still don’t have that experience, but they can walk you thru resolving some of these issues.

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