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Questions Of The Week I

Different Icons, Setting includePush, Sharing App Links & Command UIID
Questions Of The Week I

Questions Of The Week I

I’d like to start a new weekly installment for the blog: "questions of the week". I hope to have this as a regular Friday post to coincide with the Friday release process. The general idea of this post is to bring to your attention our answers to some stack overflow questions that might be helpful for the general community.

We spend a lot of time answering stackoverflow questions and some of them are pretty elaborate, e.g "How Does Codename One Work?" is my highest rated answer and might be illuminating to many developers who are new to Codename One.

A lot of us don’t have the time to follow all the questions and the answers but if presented with the questions/answers this might be interesting and also raise new questions of your own. I hope it will also help you use stack overflow in a more productive way as it is a pretty powerful tool when used correctly.

Is it possible to generate an app with different icons for iOS/Android?

Notice that I asked/answered the question. When we get pro-support emails that we think would be of value to the community we try to give the answer in a way that will be useful for everyone.

ios.includePush keeps resetting to false in NetBeans

This long running issue relates to a simplification where we provided UI components instead of build hints to perform some tasks. Turns out that adding a GUI to do a task sometimes makes it harder…​

This is a very common use case, the native share functionality is crucial for viral application growth but it requires another small step to scale reasonable for a cross platform framework.

How can I dynamically change the UIID for the commands that go in the toolbar?

The question is phrased against the stackoverflow standards, specifically you usually need to write what you tried first otherwise your question might be closed.

This is something that I’m guessing a lot of people don’t know which is why I chose to include it.

Friday Release

We are updating both the IntelliJ/IDEA plugin and the NetBeans plugin this week with some minor bug fixes and enhancements.

Don’t forget to give us a 5 star rating in the plugin page for your respective IDE & if you don’t think we earned a 5 star rating then let us know why in the comments section below!

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Posted by Shai Almog

Shai is the co-founder of Codename One. He's been a professional programmer for over 25 years. During that time he has worked with dozens of companies including Sun Microsystems.
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