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Questions of the Week 50

Questions of the Week 50

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I’ve been back from the bootcamp this past week and while I have committed many new changes I’m still taking things relatively easy after the hard work of the bootcamp. This will be the last Q&A Friday segment in the blog. Starting next week I’ll replace this segment with “tutorial of the week” which will focus on publishing/updating a “How do I?” video tutorial on a weekly basis.

We pushed an update to the libraries this week with a few interesting new features that we haven’t documented yet, I hope to have time during the week to write more about these new features and capabilities.

On stack overflow we had a lot of interesting questions while I was gone so it’s hard for me to go over everything and narrow down the important ones. Here are a couple I found interesting:

Kevin asked about using WebRTC in Codename One. This is frequently asked so I’m guessing this would be interesting to several developers…​ Steve reviewed this and came to the conclusion that it’s doable with a small change.

Guillaume asked about reusing the generated certificate on iOS. The UX for this in our wizard doesn’t make this clear enough, we should probably give it an overhaul but Scott did provide the right answer that you can (and should) reuse the same P12 file.

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