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Questions of the Week 46

Questions of the Week 46

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This has been one of the more exhausting weeks for me in recent years. I don’t remember this level of exhaustion since those first few months of launching Codename One. Getting everything ready is the hard part, doing the actual bootcamp is the relatively easy part…​
Despite all of that we still got some things done this week.

Steve reworked the google maps cn1lib to have a web fallback option. He wrote a pretty big post on it but I didn’t want it to get lost in the whole “bootcamp launch” posts so we’ll post it next week. Our update of the week includes some bug fixes and a bit of new functionality that we will cover in posts next week.

Stack overflow was busy as usual. HelloWorld opened the subject of out of memory on an application. These things are remarkably hard to debug and we are still conducting this discussion.

Julien Sosin experienced issues with debug build installation, I wrote a detailed step by step that might be useful
Beck asked about storage not getting wiped. It turns out that Google changed the policy on backup to have it on by default. You can use the new android.allowBackup=false build hint to disable that.

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