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Questions of the Week 45

Questions of the Week 45

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We had some painful downtime due the the big Amazon S3 crash that brought down a huge amount of services with it. I’ve been toying with the idea of improving the system so it doesn’t fully depend on S3 (mostly for performance as S3 isn’t as fast as one would expect). But right now we are so busy with “real work” that this probably won’t happen.

This weeks update will again replace the push servers with a newer version that deals with encoding the push key on the newer supported platforms as well as support for UWP.

On the pull request front we had 2051 from Terry Wilkinson which adds a mode to the JSONParser where null attributes will still be included in the keySet of the parse Map.

Other than that todays update mostly includes bug fixes and hardly any new features.

On stack overflow kevin asked about event listening in a Container hierarchy which made Diamond point him at lead component. This is always challenging for me as an API designer, how do you build an API in a way that people will discover without knowing what they are looking for?
This is especially true for lead component which exists in no other API as far as I know.

HelloWorld stumbled on the common pitfall with borders where they take priority over everything else when designing a UI. I’d love to rewrite the theme designer and have some good ideas on how to do it. But we are still recovering from the rewrite of the GUI builder and picking up another windmill at this time is probably too much.

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