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Questions of the Week 44

Questions of the Week 44

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This weeks release adds support for JavaScript push but I’d recommend you don’t use it in production yet…​ The main issue is that we might change the way JavaScript push keys are generated so it might be better to put this on hold or only experiment with this for now. Regardless it’s a pretty big change to the push server so we have the old version standing by and might revert it if things get hairy.

We don’t have huge new features but we did make some big changes, e.g. the pull request from jaanushansen is pretty ambitious and might impact Android text editing significantly so keep your eye out on this.

We also changed the behavior of IMEI on Android tablets following this pull request from JrmyDev.

We’ve had a lot of activity on stackoverflow this past week, here are some interesting posts:

First Jeremy asked about debugging using the Codename One sources when using the Eclipse IDE. Currently our instructions are exclusive to NetBeans. I recall a community member did this a while back but I can’t find the thread in the developer group. If anyone recalls that (or if you did this yourself) please take a look at that post and we’d appreciate an edit to the developer guide too!

Jordan asked a very different question that I think people should ask more often: how to create the UI in this screenshot. Ideally we’d have a gallery with common screenshots and instructions on how to implement every such UI as most UI patterns are very similar.

Graham asked whether Kotlin can be used with Codename One I explained the challenges and then Steve clarified some of the finer points of the process. The short answer is “not officially”, it’s possible but some work might be required.


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