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Questions of the Week 40

Big update landing today with z-order peers and many features/fixes
Questions of the Week 40

Questions of the Week 40

Today we have the first weekly release since the 3.6 release and as such it is choke full of changes which is natural given that we skipped a release and had a lot of code pending to "post release". So please be vigilant especially if you use peer components and let us know about potential regressions ASAP.

an anonymous poster asked a recurring question that we still don’t have a great answer for, how to capture timed video. This is possible to do with audio using the MediaManager but it can’t be done with video which can only use Capture. However, thanks to the new PeerComponent work we might expose low level camera API’s including video/picture capture with viewfinder etc.

This was always possible to implement before (even for 3rd parties) using PeerComponent but with the recent z-order improvements the benefit becomes HUGE.

If you are interested in fast cross platform SVG this is a great opportunity for community involvement.

Stefan also asked this question which is one of those niche pieces of knowledge most of us don’t notice until we bump our head against them.

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Posted by Shai Almog

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