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Questions of the Week 36

Updated IntelliJ and some other interesting bits and pieces
Questions of the Week 36

Questions of the Week 36

We had to push out an update to the IntelliJ/IDEA plugin to workaround an issue that started happening with their latest IDE update. The 3.5.11 version didn’t change much just fixed those specific issues. Other than that this weeks release includes some new In-App-Purchase features (that we will discuss next week) and the new seamless caching API discussed yesterday.

One of the features we didn’t mention this week in the posts is a new ability to set the default size of a floating action button using code like:


I didn’t mention this before because it was a result of this question so please ask on stackoverflow and you might get a new feature…​

Hello World who asked that also had a question about audio capture timing. We place so much emphasis on the Capture API that sometimes people don’t notice we can just record audio directly via the MediaManager class.

I’ve been going back and forth with ravimaran over the process of uploading to S3. This is actually pretty easy thanks to the multipart API. However, permissions/visibility settings in S3 aren’t trivial.

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