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Questions of the Week 34

Questions of the Week 34

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While I find these posts useful I think it’s time to re-think this post which is overly mechanical and only post
interesting news from the week rather than “everything”. So this week we’ll try something new, I’ll discuss the
news in general and the questions/answers I find valuable only. I’ll ignore the other questions and this should
make the post more “digestible”.

peopletookallthegoodnames asked
about Storage to FileSystemStorage mapping here.
This is a problematic subject. Storage is an abstraction, the fact that the implementation can be seen sometimes
within the FileSystemStorage is a “leak” within the abstraction.

We considered hardening the abstraction by making this impractical in the simulator but that would break running
apps and we don’t want to get into that at this time.

HelloWorld showed why it’s important to ask on stackoverflow…​
We don’t currently support Java 8 operations in native Android code but following
his question
we added an experimental feature that might allow this.

Stefan literally took the sample code from our javascript
JavaDocs and tried to run it and it seems
it didn’t work
apparently this code should be executed after the page loads which makes it a bit harder to bind properly.

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