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Questions of the Week 33

Questions of the Week 33

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This has been a very busy week, we published new information on the properties approach
which I’m excited about but I’m not sure if I can drum up your enthusiasm…​
Steve made a big post about mysql support too.

Todays library update includes new simulator code that might
break some apps if you’ve refactored stuff around so be vigilant and let us know if something suddenly stops working.

On stack overflow things were as usual:

Refresh list of images without reloading the page

I am Working on an app with requirement where we need to create a dynamic image gallery which refreshes after few minutes.When refresh happens three things should happen without reloading the page 1)…​

Can’t install iOs App anymore

I made some fixes for my App and wanted to try it out today on my iPhone and now I can’t install it on the device anymore. I’m getting the error “Unable to Download App” on the phone. I haven’t …​

How to upload file using codenameone?

How to get the InputStream of the uploaded file from codenameone app to my rest full webservices so,that i can able to store blob type of the file in my database table?

Consume .NET web service in Codename One by requesting parameters

How to consume webservice dataset values in codename one? My webservice returns results by passing three paramenters?

Why is my TableLayout modified when going back from another Form?

Here is my problem: I have a Form which contains several tabs. In the first one, I have a Table which contains information. My problem is that, when I open a new Form (let’s say, a Dialog) and then …​

Why my CodenameOne-App was not working with HTTPS in ios devices

My App until last two weeks was making all requests using http. All was working fine. since last week , back-end server changed its protocol to HTTPS. I did some corrections in my code, changing http …​

How to focus certain component

I have added one container with boxlayout with Y axis and adds multiple buttons and I want to focus to certain position of the container how it can be done ?

Charset in browsercomponent

I’ve got a problem when using the BrowserComponent in Codenameone: When calling the dropbox authorization URL in the BrowserComponent within the simulator, the page is displayed, but the charset seems …​

Codename1 side menu misplacement

I am trying to specify sidemenu width with the follow code: Hashtable<String, Integer> h = new Hashtable<>(); h.put(“sideMenuSizePortraitInt”, 50); h.put(“…​

Debugging Codename One app on Android Studio

I need to debug my CN1 app on Android. That’s why I successfully followed the instructions given in this Codename One tutorial (I copied and updated the gradle files dependencies content as explained)…​.

Redirect to page Contact Phone IOS in cordova-Codenameone

I use Cordova Hybrid Apps in Codename One and My question is : “How can I call, from AngularJS, the contacts page of my IPhone”. Thanks

How to use slide transition for images on the same form in codename one

Pls how can i use slide transition for Images on the same Form? I used this code, but it shows and error Label lab = new Label(); lab.setUIID(“IMAGE”); lab.setTransitionOutAnimator(…​

Java IO exception feature is supported from different Java Version

I am currently working on a class project with codename one and am running into issues with the built in InputStream and MediaManager classes. It keeps telling me that the feature I am attempting to …​

Make swipeable container swipe only to the left

I just added swipeable container to my app and it is working perfectly, only thing is I want it to only to swipe to the left, from what I read in the documentary is, that I can either make it swipe to …​

Rotate a fontImage in codenameone

Image shareIcon = FontImage.createMaterial(FontImage.MATERIAL_REPLY, s); shareIcon = shareIcon.rotate(180); ShareButton shareButton = new ShareButton(); shareButton.setIcon(shareIcon); How can I flip …​

Codename One Geofencing

If you are experiencing an issue please mention the full platform your issue applies to: IDE: NetBeans/Eclipse/IDEA Desktop OS Simulator Device If you are experiencing an issue please mention the …​

How to force permission “android.permission.CAMERA” to be added to manifest in Codename one

I am trying to show a live preview of the rear facing camera in Codename One. I use for that the native interface (I am targetting Android first). To allow my app to use the camera without messing …​

Codename One: Scale down Image with scrolling

I currently have a Logo of my app on the top of every form. Since it takes a lot of space, I want it’s size to scale down the more the user scrolls down, just the way a lot of apps do it. My Logo is …​

How to use title Animations in codename one

Pls how do i use Title Animations in CN1 to animate pictures in src directory. I followed the developer guide which I used the sample code. When I ran the code the picture did not perform any …​

IntelliJ: Sending build does nothing suddenly

I am trying to build my App but when sending the build nothing really happens and it won’t show up on the build server as well. I have built it several times before, I don’t know whats wrong. He …​

How to manage/control font/component size in Javascript Build apps

I found my Javascript build apps’s font/control size show differently in different platform, e.g. it show normal in iphone’s safari browser, but shown “huge” in android chrome browser. It also shown …​

Using SwipableContainer under Tabs

This creates a SwipeableContainer inside a Tab, but the swipe gesture is always detected by both the SwipeableContainer and the Tab (i.e. It shows the button under SwipeableContainer and move the page …​

How to make a ComponentGroup that stretches to fill the available space?

I’d like a ComponentGroup to automatically stretch fill up the space (eg the width of the Form). I’ve tried various ways, e.g. enclosing it in a BoxLayout.y but haven’t found a way that works. Anyone …​

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