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Questions of the Week 32

Questions of the Week 32

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I practically had a vacation from blogging these past two weeks with all the great posts from Steve. I’ve put some
work into something interesting but it’s not yet ready for prime time. If you follow the git commits you might have
noticed we’ll discuss it when we think it’s ready.

This week we (thankfully) aren’t releasing a plugin update and just releasing the standard weekly release as usual.
Hopefully, things will cool down a bit and we’ll be able to sprint to the 3.6 release easily.

On stack overflow things were as usual:

Codename one Mock location permission is added, how to remove it?

This is a feature we added for a user a while back, we provided a way to disable this in a build hint

Codename one project Run issue after it was running

It’s important to keep the jars and classpath as they were

Determine how much of a component is visible on screen

This is problematic as the abstraction in the hierarchy can’t really tell that, but normally you don’t need to know that…​

This isn’t supported currently

Manually Editing Codename One (Old) UI Designer Built Project

This is a bit challenging but possible

File chooser dialog

We just posted about this in yesterdays blog post

How to call Codenameone java file from a html file?

The JavaScript bridge is designed with this exact purpose in mind

Password hide in textfield codenameone

Various Android virtual keyboards act oddly sometimes

A webBrowser form crashes the app when backed

There usually isn’t much we can do against a hard crash in Android unless it’s a known issue and even then…​

Getting Uncaught ReferenceError: camera is not defined

The simulator can’t handle some of the more advanced HTML capabilities because of limitations in JavaFX

captureAudio example in codenameone not working on device simulator

The simulator doesn’t support actual audio capture only using a file

WebBrowser issue (add infinite progress in web browser)

Peer components are problematic with things like overlays on top

Side menu transition speed

This can be controlled via theme constants although more often than not when people complain about this it means
the UI has some performance issues

Google Maps on iOS error: is depending on legacy on-demand authorization, which is not supported for new apps

You need to define the iOS location string so positioning will work correctly

Downloading a pdf file of larger size(like 30Mb) fails

Thre is probably a redirect involved here…​

Is it possible with Codename One to display the camera output in real time?

Yes and no, at this time this requires native interfaces but it should be very possible

CodenameOne GoogleConnect success callback is not triggered on Android

This seems to be a regression with the API level 23 migration

send multiple binary files to server

This is strait forward

Removing TitleArea from a specific

There are some artifacts that require some work to remove/change

codenameone POST request BODY

Both should be completely interchangeable in a seamless way

Display entire json response message not just a single node

The answer just requires the removal of a single line of code…​.

To show that the new update is available in app store

I hope to blog about a simple method of doing this next week as we’d like to do this to some of our more elaborate deployment scenarios

Back from a form to a particular tab – codenameone

This should be pretty seamless but often things don’t work as expected in the old GUI builder. In the new one this
just wouldn’t happen…​

Codename one uwp build failed

We introduced native interfaces support for UWP which broke some older cn1libs

Portrait images are rotated when displayed

This is something we need to address…​

Implementing a fixed size virtual UI card

We have such a UI in serveral demos most notably the kitchen sink

How to call codenameone java class method from javascript?

The JavaScript package goes a long way to help with such interaction

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