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Questions of the Week 31

Questions of the Week 31

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We try to space out plugin updates as much as reasonably possible but unfortunately we need to push out
an update this week to fix a critical regression in the new GUI builder. Hopefully it is more stable now and we can
go back to working on new features.

Steve made a couple of very interesting posts this week and we have a few more from him in the coming weeks.

On stack overflow things were as usual:

toastbar in postResponse of connectionRequest

ToastBar is tied to a specific form so if a Dialog is shown when you show a ToastBar it might bind to that instead

Codename One wasPurchased() method : Is it supported on Android devices?

There is a bit of a “weird” item naming convention required for Android IAP

How to open html input type file dialog box inside codenameone app

File picker is a unique component in the Android browser that’s very problematic

Back button in statusbar

I used the floating toolbar quite a lot, it’s pretty cool…​

Test In-App-Purchase in Codename One simulator results in Null Pointer Exception

IAP and push both need the main class to implement their respective callback interfaces

Hand coded GUI build failed in Codename One

When you create a GUI builder form and decide to stop using the GUI buidler you need to delete the .gui file

Overridable method call in constructor in Codename One Demo example [duplicate]

This was closed by moderators as a duplicate but it’s a pretty good question still…​

How to localize styled components

The font for the component is quite important for localization

How to setup fragment projects

cn1lib’s allow some modularity in Codename One but unfortunately Eclipse doesn’t yet include the template for cn1libs

It is crucial to keep an eye on all networking operationson all times

How to test an Android native code snippet with Codename One?

The best way is to use include source and open the native project in the native IDE

Is it possible with Codename One to record microphone input and play it back simultaneously?

Apparently it isn’t with the current implementation but possible with native interfaces

SpanButton client property throws NullPointerException

The source component of the event is sometimes murky when using lead component

Netbeans Plugin Version

Netbeans doesn’t keep historical versions of the plugin to my knowledge

Custom toolbar issues

Getting alignment/spacing “just right” is sometimes a delicate balance

Set next Texfield to be focused

We’ve used the old focus order functionality that’s used in desktops and old phones for the text field order feature
in iOS/Android/Windows

Exemplary code for payment

We need a better In-App-Purchase sample for developers as a “real” app

Query returning no results

This was eventually caused by missing information in the database

AutoCompleteTextField list does not always scroll to top?

We’re still trying to reproduce the original issue reliably

App doesn’t work on iPhone 4S

There are several reasons why an app will work on one device and won’t install/run in another

http proxy when using ConnectionRequest

This should “just work” for the most part and use the system proxy when possible

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