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Pushing Back 3.6

Pushing Back 3.6

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As we discussed before October will be relatively slow, this means that our original plan of a December release
for 3.6 will be challenging and produce a sub-par release. In the interest of making 3.6 a more significant release
we decided to postpone it to January 16th 2017.

The code freeze for this release will also move to January 9th as a result.

Normally we could have done the release sooner but past experience has shown that releasing anything in late
December or early January is inadvisable.

Due to this shift it makes sense to shift the entire schedule of 3.7 onwards:

  • 3.7 – is now planned for May 9th with code freeze on May 2nd

  • 3.8 – is now planned for October 4th with code freeze on September 27th

We hope to have no further delays beyond that as we move forward with these releases. We have some great
ideas planned for 3.7 and beyond!

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