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Please Help Us By Taking This Survey

Please Help Us By Taking This Survey

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Developer Economics

We would very much appreciate it if you take the new Developer Economics

10-minute survey

you can also win prizes as a result! VisionMobile has launched a new Developer Economics survey. If you’re an app developer, take the survey to have your say and win prizes, including an iPhone, a Galaxy S4, two Nokia Lumia 920 handsets and some cool gadgets.


Also – respondents who complete the survey and opt-in to VisionMobile’s panel can access the Developer Benchmarks, a visualised scorecard of how they compare to other developers in their country or region, across platforms used, revenue models, app categories and more.

The survey results will be available for free download on January 2014.

This is really important to us, it allows us to improve our positioning and awareness within the industry. Regardless of your subscription level it would be very helpful for us if you take those 10 minutes and click

the link


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  • Anonymous says:

    I wanted to do the right thing by CN1 and take the survey, but I got half way through and the questions were more useless and frankly impossible to answer with any degree of precision.

    How the hell would anyone expect to make any meaningful inferences from the imprecise garbage they collect is anyone guess.

  • Anonymous says:

    You can leave things blank. These are surveys for managers to gauge how developers feel so they are structured in a way that isn’t necessarily intuitive to us.

    This is important to us because when you as a developer want to start working with a platform such as Codename One you need to get permission from your manager, he will look at the results of surveys like this one…

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