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New Peer & GUI Builder Tree

Changing default behaviors and moving forward
New Peer & GUI Builder Tree

New Peer & GUI Builder Tree

If you relied on the android.newPeer=false build hint it will no longer be available starting with this update. When you build for 3.5 you will still get the old behavior if you define that hint but otherwise it will be ignored. This is a precursor step to merging the newPeer branch into the main branch. It’s an important step to help us move forward with one code base!

GUI Builder UI Change

With the new update of the GUI builder we will move the tree tab into it’s own space below the tabs so it will look like this:

New look for the GUI builder sidebar
Figure 1. New look for the GUI builder sidebar

After experimenting with this for a while we came to the conclusion that this is far more convenient than the previous arrangement.

A missing piece is the ability to drag into/within the tree, this is indeed something we would like to do but because the tree is physically within a SideMenuBar the task is non-trivial.

You can expect to see this change in the next plugin update, we are thinking of making such an update next week but these updates are more fluid than the standard Friday releases.

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Posted by Shai Almog

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