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New HTML Developer Guide & How Do I

We have a couple of new "How Do I" videos covering versioning...

New HTML Developer Guide & How Do I

We have a couple of new "How Do I" videos covering versioning and crash protection . The code freeze has been in full effect this week and no new features are coming in (although some bugs were squashed), we plan to make a second release candidate which will include some critical bug fixes for 2.0.

We now have a new HTML based developer guide and as usual a downloadable PDF, the HTML guide was generated using which did a pretty decent job except for our logo. We now removed the scribd document and are only maintaining the guide here .

We are also stopping the use of Google Docs for the developer guide. When we started that approach community members promised they would support our effort and none have seriously come forward. Normally we wouldn't mind maintaining the document in the cloud but the Google tool chain is problematic, they killed some basic features that are essential for something of this type (proper table of contents for one) and the final product (PDF) is of relatively low quality. So with a bit of a heavy heart we moved to editing offline which has its advantages (e.g. grammar checker).

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Posted by Shai Almog

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