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New How DO I, IDEA Launch & Expanded Developer Guide

New How DO I, IDEA Launch & Expanded Developer Guide

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If you haven’t checked the

How Do I?

section recently check it out now. Its completely redone with a filter tool and every video now has the ability to accept comments right below it which you can use to give out tips to other community members about the usage of a specific feature. There is also a

new video covering the include sources feature

and how to debug a Codename One iOS application on xcode with the native device/simulator.

Apparently the old i18n How Do I video

that I recorded ages ago slipped between the cracks and never made it to the how do I page either so

its now there as well


We updated the Codename One developer guide with more than 50 additional pages passing the 200 page mark

, we will update that guide as part of the 2.0 release.

The IDEA plugin is also generally available now and includes its own

getting started video


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