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New Getting Started Video

New Getting Started Video

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We just published a new introduction to Codename One video, that we hope will set the bar for future videos from
us (or at lease set the bar for the more important videos). This initial one is focused on NetBeans but we intend
to publish similar videos for IntelliJ/Eclipse shortly. You can check out this video in the How Do I section
right here.
for your convenience we also embedded the video below but the transcript is only within the
video page

Videos Moving Forward

While we still have some work to do on the written docs we now consider them to be “done” in terms of base level
quality which means we need to update our aging set of videos. We started with the hello world videos because
they serve as the first impression a developer gets from Codename One and should be sublime.

If there are specific videos you feel are missing or badly done and need a rework please let us know in the comments
as this is probably the best time to ask for such work.


  • Chidiebere Okwudire says:

    Nice. I’d love to see move video tutorials for GUI-builder based apps. Preferably, tutorials should highlight how things can be done in the GUI builder vs. manually in code.

  • Shai Almog says:

    Us too. We are waiting on the GUI builder to be rock solid to focus more on tutorials that cover it.
    We are trying to get it to that state for 3.4 which is a tall order for 2 weeks but we are working heavily on that. Once it’s done we’ll write a lot more about it.

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