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LTS Blog Post And Updates

The guys at LTS just published a post I wrote in their blog, ...

LTS Blog Post And Updates

IntelliJ IDEA
The guys at LTS just published a post I wrote in their blog , if you are reading this thinking "I'd like to read another 5,000 words from that guy" then head to their blog .

Speaking of promoting other people I hope you filled the developer economics survey , its really helpful for us and time is running out (they are closing the survey soon). They added additional language options which you can use that might make the process faster.

Back to our regular scheduled programming
We have a few bits of news that might interest you. We just changed the filesystem behavior in the simulator to be more consistent with what you would see on the device. This might break some behaviors you might ave come to rely on but that is a good thing since its REALLY problematic to rely on filesystem layout. This started out as fixing issue 948 but the fix is pretty complex since the right thing to do is to normallize files for the simulator.

There are a lot of new features coming up next week but further down the road we just started work on an InteliJ IDEA plugin . If you are a developer who prefers working with IDEA we hope to release a new plugin within the next couple of months!

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Posted by Shai Almog

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