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Logged Versions

Logged Versions

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When we get a crash report one of our first questions is “when did you build this?”.
The answer is often too vague to trace the specific version, so we end up with a mixture of guessing.

The main issue is that there are different version values. They conflict with one another. They can be confusing and they can be inaccurate.

Starting with the latest update we now have a file in the root of Codename One called cn1-version-numbers and it includes two numbers that might not be accurate but will give us a general ballpark of the relevant version. The latter number is our internal SVN version number but the former can be interesting to you too. These numbers will appear as below when you make your first Log.p(String) call:

[EDT] 0:0:0,0 - Codename One revisions: 4ee2778c79ad5eaadd2344bc0f215a82483421cb

The former is a GIT version, this can help you browse the git repository at that specific version by using a UWL like this:

E.g. the URL matching the version above would look like that:


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