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Launching the Codename One Academy

Launching the Codename One Academy

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On the eve of the release of Codename One 3.7 we are excited to announce the new Codename One Academy which will change the way people learn Codename One. We’ve invested a lot of effort in creating a smooth learning experience and we’re launching with 3 live courses.

This wouldn’t have been possible without all the help from community members who provided guidelines, feedback and assistance. It wouldn’t have been possible without the members of the bootcamp who helped with the process of refining the requirements from this course. Thank you all for your help!

Thanks to all of that the academy is launching with 3 courses:

  • Java for Mobile Devices – This is the “learn Codename One” course. It covers the basics that all Codename One developers should know. This is a completely free course that we will keep enhancing!

  • Deep Dive into Mobile – This course goes into all of the complex features of Codename One and builds a non-trivial application. In fact it builds the restaurant app

  • Build Real World Full Stack Mobile Apps in Java – is the pinnacle of this trio, it bundles the Deep Dive into Mobile course as it picks up where that course left off. It builds the full restaurant app builder application. It covers the server side and goes into deep details on everything. I’ll add at least 8 additional apps to this course over the next two years making it even more compelling than it is now

Those of you who were a part of the bootcamp get all of these courses for free!

Living Courses

We guarantee a new course module every month. That means you will get additional information in the courses as we move forward for the next two years.

I will also develop at least 8 new complete, publishable apps and add them to Build Real World Full Stack Mobile Apps in Java over the next two years. That means that the courses you see today will be significantly larger and include a lot of additional information moving forward.

Special Sale

These courses don’t include everything that went into the bootcamp but they include a lot of material and will include a lot more as we move forward. As such the list prices for them is:

The special sale price is for one week only and will expire on July 3rd!

App Survey Results

The final survey results for the app are pretty clear, it’s an Uber clone:

Final survey results
Figure 1. Final survey results

What isn’t clear is the second place where a whatsapp clone and social media app fall within the margin of error. These results can be flipped completely if people who voted for the Uber clone shift their votes overwhelmingly to one side so out of curiosity I made a new poll.

This poll only includes these two options and should display a clearer preference for the second app.

Thanks again for all the feedback it’s very much appreciated and this just wouldn’t exist without your help!


  • Dalvik says:

    Just signed up to the full package 😉

    Thanks for the new survey I’m one of the guys who voted for Uber so I changed my vote to a whatsapp clone here.

  • Francesco Galgani says:

    Any extra discount for the PRO developers?

  • Shai Almog says:

    FYI you are in a serious minority as this seems to have flipped with the removal of Uber but things like this can change in an instant… [https://uploads.disquscdn.c…](

  • Shai Almog says:

    This was something we thought about quite a bit. In the past we gave a coupon in the old Udemy course but the free course covers pretty much everything the old paid course had. So effectively we made the training free.
    The higher end courses are far more advanced than anything we had before and discounting them doesn’t fit here.

    We charge for them so we’ll have the financial incentive to keep enhancing and growing them.

  • salah Alhaddabi says:

    Already signed up and enrolled in all courses. I think i will skip the spring part and focus on building the UI only as i am only using java ee 7 instead of spring.

  • Shai Almog says:

    I was never a fan of Spring but Spring Boot won me over… It has some pretty spectacular ideas and brings Java to the level of agility normally reserved to scripting languages.

  • Michael Lindvall says:

    I’m looking forward to all the material you’re sharing.

  • bryan says:

    Looking at the curriculum for the courses, I get the impression that you might be moving towards styling forms via CSS rather than themes ?

  • Stephen Aitchison says:

    was thinking about learning more on Codename One, but I want to find some tutorials on how to learn without the initial investiment upfront.. do you know of any good resources that you would suggest?

  • Shai Almog says:

    There is a relatively big free course in that package for just that case. It’s not as refined as the other courses because I did it first (I will hopefully get the time to go back and polish it). But it still contains a lot of practical and important information.

  • Shai Almog says:

    No. I used CSS for the restaurant app because people wanted to learn CSS and because it fit into that specific use case.

    The restaurant builder app generates versions of the restaurant app and customizing CSS in a code generator seems easier than the alternative.

  • Amuche Chimezie says:

    Hi Shai, Just seeing this today. Just to be sure before I sign up. With $200 I get access to Deep Dive into Mobile and Build Real World Full Stack Mobile Apps in Java bundles right?
    An urgent feedback please to enable me close out on this.

  • Shai Almog says:

    When you purchase build real world full stack mobile apps the deep dive is included.

  • João Bastos says:


  • Francesco Galgani says:

    I’m enrolled in Build Real World Full Stack Mobile Apps in Java. You wrote that is costs 199USD or six installments of 39USD. I paid the first installment, I expected to pay 39USD, but you charged me 47.6USD. Ok, it’s not a problem, but in my opinion it’s not correct to show prices without saying that taxes will be added to them at the payment. What taxes have I paid for? I live outside the United States.

  • Shai Almog says:

    I live outside of the US too. The problem is we can’t list after local tax prices since they are different to every region. Teachable specifies them and does so during the billing process when you enter your location. Notice that we don’t charge you, teachable does and we get paid by them. See this on their tax policy which is way more information about taxes than I care to read: [https://support.teachable.c…](

    Just so we are clear any extra amount you pay doesn’t get to us as it’s deducted immediately.

  • Francesco Galgani says:


  • Amuche Chimezie says:

    Made Payments. Please help confirm.

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