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iOS Migration Setback

iOS Migration Setback

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A couple of weeks ago we detailed a plan to migrate to the new xcode 7.x
build servers. We tried this migration over the weekend and while for most developers this worked rather nicely
for some there were issues that we can’t explain so we decided to revert the change and regroup.

We want this transition to be smoother than past transitions and since we aren’t currently working against a
deadline we feel we have some time to refine this migration to a point where it will be seamless for all/most
of our users.

We don’t have a set date to retry the migration but we are currently aiming for 2-3 weeks from now.

The main issue involves the rather elaborate build script we have in place since the days of xcode 4.x. It seems
that for some applications or provisioning profiles xcode just crashes…​

The solution is probably to build the application in a rather different way than we current do which might not crash
xcode but unfortunately this will make this change & migration more complicated than we initially hoped so the
sensible solution seems to be to move back to the iphone_new mode and make builds go to the old servers
while we experiment.

We will announce details of the second attempt at migration in this blog…​

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