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Inspecting Components

Inspecting Components

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First, let me start with an apology for not blogging as frequently. Its been hectic these past few weeks and I could barely find the time to write this! That’s generally a “good thing(tm)”.

One of my favorite things about working with Codename One is the GUI builder, it solves a lot of the headaches of handcoding/positioning elements into place especially when coupled with the Codename One LIVE! application. However, not all of us use the GUI builder and even when we do we sometimes end up writing code manually.

In those cases it is sometimes pretty difficult to visualize the UI and how to properly style it in the designer tool e.g. when you run into

inexplicable spacing that is clearly not your intention.

For this purpose we now have the component inspector in the simulator tool. It allows us to inspect the component hierarchy in a running simulator, see the classes and UIID’s involved etc.

You can reach the component inspector via the simulator menu after which you can just expand the UI to see the elements within and understand more about the way Codename

One lays out everything.

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