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How you can Help Spread Codename One

How you can Help Spread Codename One

I’ve written this in emails before and on quite a few occasions but this bares repeating. Gaining visibility in this industry is tough especially when the industry is driven by the likes of Google, Facebook & Apple.

Despite years of effort, most Java developers or mobile developers haven’t heard about us and it’s still an uphill battle for awareness.

If you like our product and think we are doing something important it would be VERY helpful for us if you can help us with these small things.

Doing everything below would take 5 minutes and every bit counts!

How Can You Help?

If you are active on Reddit, Hackernews or any other community such as these and you think something we wrote is worthwhile for that site we’d really appreciate a share or shoutout on those sites.

If you have accounts in any of those networks listed below, we’d appreciate the help here. 

🔥 List of things you can do to help Codename One grow:

What Else?

Community engagement for Codename One is good but it can still be better. Ask us questions on StackOverflow, fork our projects on Github, contribute your work and submit pull requests.

If you ask a proper question on StackOverflow, you will get points (which are useful when you have a really hard question), so even if it isn’t the biggest problem in the world, ask…​

If you see something broken, report it or submit a pull request. You can just edit the Codename One sources/docs directly on the Github site. If JavaDoc isn’t clear or the developer guide was confusing just edit them directly and help the next person coming along. The developer guide is literally a wiki you can edit!

Let us know if you have ideas how to improve the site and engage with us. Try to use the public forums e.g. comments, StackOverflow and discussion groups when engaging so other developers gain the benefits of the collective knowledge.


  • Hristo Vrigazov says:

    Codename One deserves way more visibility than it has.

  • Francesco Galgani says:

    To spread Codename One, I’m trying to encourage the Engineering students of my university to try it. I’m also added Codename One to my curriculum. Maybe I’ll also write an article about Codename One in my blog. I think that you, Shai, are doing a very important and useful job replying to almost all help requests on Stack Overflow and in this blog: your help is encouraging me in specializing in Codename One. Of course I hope that more Codename One developers will share their knowledge on StackOverflow.

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