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Happy New Year – Looking Back & Forward

Happy New Year – Looking Back & Forward

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We are closing 2014 which has been a pretty eventful year for us where we finally solidified Codename One, looking into 2015 we have a lot of great plans ahead!

The new year seems like a great time to discuss some of our short/long term plans for Codename One as we move forward and our general thoughts. But first I’d like to open with the things we did badly in 2014 and that we should probably improve in 2015:

  1. We didn’t release Codename One 3.0 (or 2.5 for that matter). We were so busy with everything that making a stable release got sidetracked. This is something we need to invest more time into!
  2. We spent too much focus on big things (new VM, new windows phone pipeline, corporate server) and too little time on small but crucial features. Some of those features were crucial, but speaking to developers it seems most would prefer many small increments to large revolutions.
  3. We didn’t invest in design – our themes didn’t see any major change since launch. We need to significantly overhaul that.
  4. We didn’t capitalize on some features, e.g. we built new graphics pipelines and didn’t really use the functionality for charts, improved transition etc.
  5. We traveled too much in 2014, while it seemed productive initially it didn’t directly map to business success and we probably won’t be doing as much travel/conferences in 2015.

We hope to improve on all of those for 2015 and so far its looking very positive. Most of the “heavy” infrastructure work was done in 2014 which means 2015 will allow us to leap forward with better underlying technology and focus on the surface of things.

These are the things we’re very happy about in 2014:

  1. Community cn1lib’s – these started taking off really well! Some great work from many different members of the community as well as a few of our own. I think we will focus on bringing out far more features as cn1libs rather than integrate them in the core. At least initially.
  2. The infrastructure work such as improving the build servers, replacing the VM and the rendering pipelines. It was painful and time consuming to do all this work but it is already proving its value.
  3. We are very happy with the new Toolbar API and hope to do similar convenience API’s in 2015
  4. Our presentation and videos have improved significantly, but we didn’t do nearly as much video tutorials as we should have.
  5. Pretty great applications from community members e.g.





For 2015 our high level goals are:

  • Refinement – We want to make the process of signing up to Codename One, creating an app, paying etc. far more refined and smooth.
  • Enterprise functionality – most of the features in Codename One are in the lower grade subscription levels. We are now focused on adding more high end features.
  • Integrations – we are looking to support the top mobile solutions out of the box, so you don’t have to do the integration on your own.

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