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Hamburger Sidemenu

Hamburger Sidemenu

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The title of this post might be a bit misleading… Hamburger?

The Hambuger sidemenu is the menu style popularized by the Facebook app, its called a Hamburger because of the 3 line icon on the top left resembling a hamburger patty between two buns (get it: its a side menu…)!

Up until now these things were a pain to implement smoothly in Codename One, but Chen wouldn’t let this rest and just committed support for this feature. Working with a Hamburger menu couldn’t be simpler! Just set the command behavior to side menu (in the Display class) and it just works. You can also set it by setting the commandBehavior theme constant in the

Codename One designer to “Side”.

Then just add commands and watch them make their way into the side menu allowing you to build any sort of navigation you desire.

Chen updated the Facebook demo to show this off, its still only available via SVN and requires the latest SVN version of Codename One for all the bells and whistles to function properly but it already looks pretty sweet!

Now all we need is a cheeseburger sidemenu with fries.

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