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GZip Support

GZip Support

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We now have new support for GZipInputStream and GZipOutputStream thanks to the great work done by the guys in the


project, we ported their work into the project class hierarchy and added a GZConnectionRequest which will automatically unzip an HTTP response if it is indeed gzipped.

By default this class doesn’t request gzipped data but its pretty easy to do so just add the HTTP header

Accept-Encoding: gzip e.g.:

GZConnectionRequest con = new GZConnectionRequest();


addRequestHeader(“Accept-Encoding”, “gzip”);

Do the rest as usual and you should have smaller responses by potential.

We thought about adding this capability to the global ConnectionRequest but eventually decided not to do so since it will increase the size of the distribution to everyone. If you do not need the gzip functionality the obfuscator will just strip it out during the compile process.

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