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Fingerprint/TouchID Support

Fingerprint/TouchID Support

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Fingerprint scanners are pretty common in modern hardware both from Apple and some Android vendors. The problem is that the iOS and Android API’s for accessing them are a world apart. However, it’s possible to find some low level common ground which is exactly what our cn1lib for fingerprint scanning accomplished.

This is a very basic API that just validates the user as the owner of the device, it’s useful to lock off portions of the application from a 3rd party using code such as:

Fingerprint.scanFingerprint("Use your finger print to unlock AppName.", value -> {
    Log.p("Scan successful!");
}, (sender, err, errorCode, errorMessage) -> {
    Log.p("Scan Failed!");

Since the cn1lib is pretty simple it can probably be enhanced to support more elaborate functionality in the future.


  • Lukman Javalove Idealist Jaji says:

    Fantastic. To think this is what I have been researching all week. But I do want something not too complex but maybe complex for cn1 at this time. I am ordering external finger print scanners to use with my apps (for data collection). The only way to achieve that I guess is to delve into native code. I will like to see this in the future, take advantage of the inbuilt fingerprint hardware on devices to collect fingerprint data and stored. More like

    //Collect and store)

  • Shai Almog says:

    Great. I don’t think that’s allowed on iOS but you can probably extend the Android code in the library to support some Android specific features and expose them in the API.

  • Gareth Murfin says:

    Awesome, but how does it know your finger print already? from the OS?

  • Shai Almog says:

    The devices already have scanned fingerprints within. You use the OS interface to scan.

  • Yishai Steinhart says:


  • Shai Almog says:

    FYI to your original question I suggest installing the cn1lib via the extension manager as you would get the latest version…

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