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Facebook Clone Slow Landing

Facebook Clone Slow Landing

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I mentioned before that I’m really behind on the Facebook Clone module but at least I was able to release the first few lessons by today which makes it fit into an April deadline. I’ll try to release new lessons every day so we can do have the full module out before the end of May. At that point I’ll release two new modules during June.

The new Facebook Clone is similar to the Uber clone in some regards and also very different:

  • I didn’t do a “pixel perfect” clone – Facebook is too messy to clone properly

  • I used CSS instead of the designer tool – it’s easier to tech CSS as I can go over code instead of screenshots

  • I put more logic in the server and tried to make the app more “real”

The things I kept in place are:

  • MySQL – it’s a pretty good database and easy to work with when compared to no-SQL solutions. In fact it’s also WAY faster than most of them for real world loads. I see a lot of startups buying into the no-SQL hype which makes sense for some cases but usually doesn’t

  • Spring Boot – I chose to use version 2.0 which went GA by now. It’s a great option for Java developers!

One of the things I’d love to do is port this to Kotlin, maybe as one of the extra modules to be discussed later.

I’ll leave you with a couple of screenshot studies of the original vs. clone:

Original vs. Clone Portrait
Figure 1. Original vs. Clone Portrait
Original vs. Clone Landscape
Figure 2. Original vs. Clone Landscape


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