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Ending Support for Legacy Cloud

Ending Support for Legacy Cloud

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Starting this weekend builds sent using the old plugin or an old project will fail. You will need to update the plugin to 4.3 (or 4.0.3 in NetBeans) or newer. This is an important phase in removing App Engine from our build stack and moving to a new system.

If you are experiencing problems with a project do the following:

  • Right Click the project

  • Select Codename OneCodename One Settings or Codename One Preferences

  • Click Basic

  • Click Update Project Libs in the bottom left side

What’s Next?

After this initial phase we plan to delete the app engine server. This will clean up our legacy system completely. It also means that if you created a Codename One account in the past and haven’t been active your account might vanish.

In that case you would need to create it all over again.

Why are we Doing This?

The old system based on App Engine is unmaintainable and fundamentally broken. Unfortunately, even basic features on app engine just don’t work so we can’t even keep this running.

Using our own servers has been liberating and far more powerful. This is a move we should have completed years ago. Once App Engine is completely out of the way we’ll be able to deliver some services we’ve had on the drawing board for years.

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  • Gareth Murfin says:

    Awesome cant wait to see the new stuff.. I always assumed app engine was perfect but I dont think ive got around to really using it much.

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