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Demo Section & Russian Guide

Demo Section & Russian Guide

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We are working on a new demos section for the website that will highlight the demos for
Codename One more thoroughly. Thanks to the new JavaScript port we can actually show the demos live in
action but that creates a bit of a problem since people often jump to the conclusion that Codename One
uses web technologies which it does not.

Currently the demos section is pretty bare mostly because the JavaScript port still has a lot of bugs and missing
features. It is moving in leaps and bounds though and we are pretty confident that we will have all the major
demos up in the demo section within a short while. However, if you are familiar with the existing demos checking
out their JavaScript counterpart (and the desktop builds as well) will show you what we can accomplish with these

Developer Guide Translation

A comment on our developer guide announcement
caught us a bit by surprise. It seems a community member
translated the guide to Russian
which is pretty cool!

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