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Default Validation Emblem

Default Validation Emblem

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The validation framework makes it easy to verify input quickly and effectively. Up until now you had to define
an emblem in order to create an error icon and if you didn’t you had to define an “Invalid” UIID for every entry.
This exists by default for text fields and other types but is still a big hassle just to check that we have a valid

The main reason for this is that when we introduced the validation framework we hadn’t yet integrated the
material icons into Codename One, this was remedied and starting with the next update we’ll have a default
emblem. Notice that if you replace it manually your emblem will still be used…​

However, we also changed the default behavior as a result. In the past we defaulted to HighlightMode.UIID
which makes a lot of sense when you don’t have an emblem. This default no longer makes sense and so
we now have HighlightMode.EMBLEM as the default.

So if your code relies on the default behavior of the validator this will no longer behave in the same way. The
workaround is actually really simple, just add the call:


To force the same behavior as before.

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