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Codefreeze For 3.1 & News

Codefreeze For 3.1 & News

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We just entered code freeze preparing for the release of Codename One 3.1. This is a one week freeze that is scheduled to
end on July 28th after the release of the new version. In the next week we will only be working on critical bugs for
stability and won’t add new features.
After the release of 3.1 we will start aiming for 3.2 currently scheduled for the end of October as part of our new 3 month
release cycle.

Our current stated plan for releases includes 3.1 for the 27th of July, 3.2 for the 27th of October and 3.3 for the 27th of January.
Assuming this keeps working out nicely we will probably keep the 3 month release cycle going for the forseeable future. There is
one major feature we wanted to release in 3.1 but couldn’t get out the door in time. On the other hand the certificate
wizard came in early and surprised us. This shows us that we can still deliver a substantive release within a 3 month cycle
without compromising.

One of the big advantages of the short release cycle is that updating the developer guide becomes much easier.
As part of the 3.1 work we made quite a few updates to the developer guide and related documentation, it is now set to
3.1 and includes sections covering many of the new features for Codename One have been updated.

In other news we updated the Facebook integration to include support for inviting friends which will enable some
common use cases of interacting with Facebook friends. We fixed a rare crash with the new VM relating to an
edge case usage of the dup2x bytecode. We’ll update the plugins for the various IDE’s later in the week in preparation
for the release.

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