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Clearable Text Field

Clearable Text Field

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A common request over the past couple of years has been to add a text field that supports a clear button in the end, we used to have a common answer on how this can be implemented but we didn’t have an actual implementation builtin despite this being a relatively common request.

At first I thought this is something we should implement natively but it turns out that this doesn’t exist natively in Android so we just implemented this as a wrapper to the TextField e.g. replace this:


With this:


You can also specify the size of the clear icon if you wish. This is technically just a Container with the text field style and a button to clear the text at the edge.

Global Context Update

After posting about the new CN class last week we added a lot of new features into it. The API now supports capabilities from FileSystemStorage & Storage both of which should allow easier storage.

We are still a bit conflicted about some of the more elaborate API’s such as database, contacts etc.

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