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Bootcamp Parse Bonus and post Materials

Bootcamp Parse Bonus and post Materials

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I might have been unclear with about the bootcamp materials. It’s possible I implied that the materials will be available later. They won’t…​
It would be unfair to our bootcamp participants if the thing they pay for is then made available for free. There will be some content that we will make available some content that will be available as paid material (a course) and some content that will be 100% exclusive.

I don’t think we’ll offer anything remotely close to the deal we have with the bootcamp…​


One of the things discussed by people who contacted me is parse support. I wanted to talk about that in the bootcamp but decided it would be too much of a detour for me to cover that material. Then I got into a discussion with
Chidiebere G.U. Okwudire who wrote the parse4cn1 cn1lib and maintains it.

As part of that we’ll add a workshop day to the bootcamp where he can cover Parse, parse4cn1 & maybe provide some insight into the process of extending Codename One from the outside. I’m sure it will be illuminating to all of us (myself included).

What is Codename One

I’ve spent some time building materials for the pre-course which runs before the bootcamp starts and it covers some of the big pieces of Codename One to make sure we all start on the same page. One of the features I’ve made is the “long version” of the answer to “what is Codename One”. This answer goes into the details of history, architecture (big pieces), how does it work and lightweight architecture.

This is a small piece of some of the things we are working on:

And the slides I show within the video are here:

Are you Still Waiting?

If you haven’t signed up for the bootcamp yet this is pretty much your last chance…​ Registration will close up soon and as I said before we won’t have a better offer in the future because it’s just impossible.

Any future course will not be cheap, won’t include any of the big ticket items like one on one talks or group support. No course in the future will include the enterprise plan bundled in either.

This is the last full day of registration so if you still didn’t signup I suggest rushing it because registration will close…​


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